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I have a fever, soar throat, and body achs please help!!!?

When looking into the back of my throat there is white like stringy things, like I ate a cotton ball and the strands had gotten matted in the back of my throat. I have a fever of 100.6 and my body hurts everywhere. My throat hurts really bad. I'm trying to find out if its something serious enough to go to doctor. I looked at pictures of strep throat and none of them matched also I have had my tonsils out if that helps

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    Go to a Doctor. It could be any number of many things. It could be a bacterial infection that could be cured with anti biotics or viral which will require rest and plenty of water.

    Go see you Dr. It may only get worse if not treated.

  • stong
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    4 years ago

    Strep (Streptococus) is barely certainly one of hundreds of germs which could colonize interior the throat. you likely have a viral an infection. Fill a cup with heat water, upload a solid volume of salt to it, stir it up and gargle with it, enable the salt water to get stunning on the place it hurts (it is going to knock out most of the an infection). additionally relax, drink a super form of water, and take some ibuprofen. If it does not sparkling up see a physician.

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    it sounds like you have the flu on this website i clicked on your symptoms and it said you should see your doctor for flue symptoms

    so i am guessing you have the flue

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