Contractor Keeps Trying To Add Cost to The Bid?

I have a duplex and I am having the siding replaced and all the inside repairs done at $11,000. This contractor did not put the tyvek on and just put the siding up and had called me & said he needed more money for materials for the patio---$800. In his bid he was to replace everything that needed to be replaced and that included the whole patio. He said the wood was rotted. Now he has called me and left a message and said the patio area needed two new fixtures because the old ones at the duplex are rusted. I already paid him $5,000 for the materials and sent another $1,000 for materials for the patio area. Shouldn't the fixtures be included in that and even though it isn't in the bid about the tyvek, we had discussed it before hand &he agreed. Should I just knock off the remaining balance of $800 for the materials & labor for the patio area for not putting the tyvek up before the siding. The bid is for $11,000 & was suppose to be brought up to FHA standards? What would you do about all this?


I think they really need to somehow change this law. There are repairs that both parties are going to miss & of course both parties think they are right. I try to be logically fair, but that isn't always possible. Then both parties end of mad. This just never comes out right. Too many mistakes are made.

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    Too many people have put themselves in the same situation by not having an explicit written contract between both parties with a bill of particulars, manufacturers noted, and a payment schedule. This is the most frequent problem ( and therefore lawsuits) between contractors and customers. It is very difficult to enforce "verbal" changes to a written contract. At this point you need to sit down with the contractor and one of your friends that are an even tempered person to see how this situation can be resolved to both parties satisfaction. You unfortunately are not in a position to demand anything that is beyond the scope of your written agreement. If you can't resolve it peacefully, small claims is in your future and the judge will tell you the same thing about altering a written contract. Let's hope cool headed adults can solve this first.

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    Always get it in writing. If you talked about it, make sure it is on the bid. If he didn't put up the tyvek and was suppose to, make him remove the siding and put it on, at no extra cost to you! It is his screw up if it was on the bid? On the patio if should be spelled out exactly what he was to replace, rotted wood/ fixtures etc. If fixtures were not discussed its your chose if to replace them or not. If you fill like your getting the short end of the stick, DON'T give him anymore money until he finishes the job. Discuss all the problems at the end. Just remember if it's not in writing and he takes you to court, he'll win. Get it all in writing!! Exactly what is to be done and how!!

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