What happens if you don't pay your car loan, but they can't find your car for repossession?

My little sister live in Atlanta and has a car that she's paying on. I think she's about halfway through the payments on it. She is moving to New York City and wants to take her car. But she's telling me she's just going to store it in a garage in Jersey somewhere and stop making the payments because she wants to keep her car for as long as she can.. So they may not be able to locate it for repossession. But I'm scared because can't she be charged with theft? What if like a year goes by and they still haven't repo'd the car? I'm afraid she'll be charged with car theft or something.. She thinks she's slick but I can't talk her out of it! She seems to think that at some point they'll just write it off and maybe even get a judgement against her which will RUIN her credit but she doesn't seem to care! I'm just concerned about any legal action..

Let me know how this works!


Well, I think she's just using a friends home garage.. I honestly hope they find and repo it, but lets just say for arguments sake that they can't find the car. What happens?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hi, I am a licensed repo agent in the state of Texas. The first issue is that intentionally interfering with a repo is against the law. This is to benefit the lender in securing the debt when it is in default. Hiding a auto not only is illegal, but the problems will not end there.

    1. You can't sell the car due to a lien,

    2. It is illegal to intentionally interfere with a repo,

    3. The lender may file a lawsuit, and/or file for a sheriff/officer to repo the property.

    4. This will have a large negative impact on this person credit.

    The lender will 99.9% of the time never write it off. The only write off I have ever seen was a buy here pay here lot went out of business. You have to ask yourself, if it was your car would you write it off?

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    • Lucy3 months agoReport

      Of course he puts it to his advantage. No repossession can take place if there’s a breatch if the peace. So the repo guy is full of crap.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hahaha! I know this will come out mean, but your sister thinking that she's slick with this situation makes her look so dumb. This is a logically dumb act by her because all the fines and cost for the car will be on her for at least 10 years or even more. They won't just stop because they can't find the car after a year or two. Like what the other answerers described... They will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the car or money or both if the payments on the car are more than the value of the car at the point of resale.

    Good luck trying to convince her out of stupidity! I know that people who has that are a bit on the stubborn side.

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    • Kyle4 years agoReport

      Dont ******* call another persons sister dumb or stupid you asshole! Who the hell do you think you are? Thats his family! She is very slick. You are sounding like a self righteous jackass!

  • 3 years ago

    If you don't pay the car loan yet keep the car? Sounds like stealing. I'm not a lawyer, but I think they call that 'grand theft' and it's very much against the law. Even if they don't find the car for repossession, they will find her and believe me, she will regret the decision.

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  • kelly
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    8 years ago

    If they really can't find the car they'd be able to go to a judge and get a ruling against her to pay the value of the car.

    If she chooses not to pay then they can request a wage garnishment and take money from her before she even sees it. If she doesn't have a paycheck to garish they can freeze bank accounts and get money that way. Tax refunds are also fair game. If she has a house or any other vehicles they can put a lien against them.

    Either way they'll get the car or the money that it's worth.

    • maria4 years agoReport

      If there was a court date and they decided to take the money out of the paycheck do they still get to keep the car?

  • Raff
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    8 years ago


    NO they won't write it off. They will keep on continuing the search til' they find the car. Once they find the car who knows what kinds of fees they will give. Trust me she can never be slick with repo men/women. It's not right of her to keep the car if she's not paying for it. Tell her to be honest and give it up. Who knows, if she is honest something good might happen. One situation is my parents moved from Las Vegas to NYC. Parents stopped paying for their 2002 Dodge Grand and a month later they still found the car in NYC. Didn't tell them the address or anything. It wasn't even insured or anything. Just sitting in our yard.Guess how they found it... Our neighbor called the police because they thought it was an abandoned car. My parents honestly regret it because it really killed their credit. Well my fathers since it was under his name..

    Edit: If they can't find the car they will probably still look for it. I say for the heck of it tell her a lie and say something that will scare her. Hell you should tip the repo men off about it. I know this might be a bad thing to do since she is your blood sister but trust me losing a car is better than losing your credit.

    • John4 years agoReport

      that you make the fake show real. I had one record himself pushing me and pulled me from a seat I was in before he drove up. I beat him down then he went to jail and I filled out a trespass on him the lender or any party for them. lol too easy

      First mistake is playing games

  • 4 years ago

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    What happens if you don't pay your car loan, but they can't find your car for repossession?

    My little sister live in Atlanta and has a car that she's paying on. I think she's about halfway through the payments on it. She is moving to New York City and wants to take her car. But she's telling me she's just going to store it in a garage in Jersey somewhere and stop making...

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  • 3 years ago

    Besides if she keeps it in a garage and never drives it, what is the point of owning it. If she does drive it, the first time she services it at a garage, the VIN will be recorded and will show up on places like CarFax. The repo people company will know where to look for an out of state car.

    If she tries to change it to NY or NJ registration, it will also show up immediately. If she wants to remain hidden she will have to do all the service work herself. However, if she is ever stopped by the police, the VIN will also show up as a lost repo and the police may seize the car on the spot.

  • 4 years ago

    They can't do anything they will try to work it out with you and call you a million times i know cause i had a truck which i had a loan on and when i got laid off i moved and they didn't find the truck for two years. Nothing on my credit the only thing is they will find you if you have anything in your name with the address

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    They will write if off. As long they don't issue a summons to you in three years you won't be legally binded to pay. You won't be charged for theft because you were financed. It's not different from absconding a clothing account. Incase a debt Collector buys the debt for your car, s/he has no power over u to black list u.

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