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Do you agree girls shouldn't be allowed to take shop class (industrial arts) in school?

I think it is a bad idea because in shop class you design things and draw out diagrams, read blue prints, operate dangerous band saws and other machines, work with wood and metal, and now even use CAD programs on the computer. This is clearly a class that is not made for women. When I took industrial arts we had two girls in the class. I think they just took it to meet guys b/c they certainly weren't any good. The teacher went easy on them because they are female and had a lower standard for them to meet. They mostly just were a distraction to the guys by their helpless woman routine which caused the guys to do all their projects for them. It just isn't a class that most women would be interested in and the women that would be need to be "reprogrammed" to be more interested in taking home economics and making deluxe sandwiches. Not many men like butch women who can saw boards and build CO2 cars. I just don't think they should be given the option to take it.

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    As long as you live in the 1950s, would you mind picking me up a few comic books and put them in plastic bags to bring back to the present for me? I'd like to cash them in for a better lifestyle.

    You make assumptions that you know and understand the wants, needs, and desires of tens of millions of women with only the circumstantial evidence of two girls you knew peripherally in High School.

    You don't know what grades they got. You don't know the teacher went easy on them. You don't know that they were in the class to meet boys, and you don't know that all girls are like that. You don't know that most women would be more interested in Home Ec or that those that aren't need to be "reprogrammed."

    The number of things you don't know is staggering, but hardly surprising.

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    My, you must be an older person, from the "old school". I do agree with you that most women would not enjoy shop, and may not be good at it. I'm one of those. But I'm sure that there are a good number of other women who could be as good or better than the guys in their class. I envy them. And I certainly believe that they should have the opportunity to take shop. I also believe that young men should have the opportunity to take home economics. Many men enjoy cooking, and "making deluxe" sandwiches. Incidentally, I was never good at that either.

    You state that many men do not like women who can saw boards and build CO2 cars. Right there you are agreeing that there are women who can do that. So you're contradicting yourself.

    And are you saying that women should not live up to their potential because men will not like it? You sound like my mother (and I'm in my 70's). She used to tell me to not do so well in school, because boys would not like it. I'm glad I didn't listen to her. What a waste my life would have been. And I had no trouble finding a husband. But I did think those days and type of thinking were over.

    If any change should be made, it would be to teach teachers not to treat the women differently than the men. If a woman or a man can not do the work, they should be graded accordingly.

    I sure hope that you are not married. If so, please have your wife (or girlfriend) write a comment.

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    Are you serious? Yes, maybe some girls DO take those kinds of classes to meet guys. So what? What about the other girls that are actually interested in the subject? Many, many girls and women exist who are talented with those sorts of things. Not every woman just wants to be another pretty face, a school teacher, a house wife, etc. OF COURSE girls should be given the option to take the class! I can't even believe that you are serious about that. Do you remember studying about the Women's Movement in school? Wake up - we've been liberated. Another thing - if the boys can't deal with the "distractions", maybe THEY shouldn't be taking the class! Hmm?

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    It's up to the teacher to make sure each student is treated fairly. Your teacher failed at this. I've been in a few shop classes with girls when I was in high school. Then again when I took machining courses in college. They pulled their weight just as much as the guys.

    High school kids are immature. However, that "go easy on me, I'm just a girl" routine, continues on forever.

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    Only if they kick the guys out of home economics. Everyone knows that a stove and oven are far too complex for the male mind to comprehend and use correctly. Men should never be encouraged to cook. They shouldn't even be allowed in the kitchen.

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    You're basing this on TWO girls?? Don't be sexist.

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    I'm so glad to see that the male chauvinist pig is alive and kicking.

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    Level one and already a private account.

    You have to build up your trolling repertoire. Start off small.

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    no they should be able to,some people are creative and love that stuff.Its really not fair to just let boys have,i mean they can get hurt just as much as the girls can.SHOP CLASS FOR GIRLS WHOOT!!!

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