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Norther Last Breath歌詞

Norther的Dreams of Endless War專輯 求Last Breath這首歌的歌詞

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  • Rita
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    8 years ago
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    Again he sees the end

    it's light that blinds his eyes

    Creatures of the night

    are calling him to darkness

    To die for the glory

    and to be brave

    silent tears slowly running down

    The darkness is here

    it has killed the light

    Only one more war to fight


    Last breath was taken

    now in the dark of the night

    Cold kiss of death will end this war

    [ From: ]

    Silence is there

    when the warrior is dying

    Last breath was taken when he died


    Again he feels the breeze

    it haunts him forevermore

    There is no time to waste

    when he sees the stormy sky

    Today is the day of war

    today I'm longing to die

    On this ice of eternity

    norther kills the light

    solo: K.Ranta

    solo: T.Planman

    solo: P.Lindroos



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