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什麼是Morrell further urges that

原文:Morrell further urges that the only way to havecured the denial of his right to counsel would have been to suppress theevidence obtained as a result.請問,句中使用havecured、would have been是什麼意思?是表示與過去的相反嗎?所以句子表面上的意思是:唯一能治療的方法是...,但其實在暗示:其實已經不能治療請問是這樣嗎?謝謝

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    先教訓你一下再回答你的問題: 這是一個法律問題不是醫療問題 治療這一個字用得太遜了吧. 請問,句中使用have cured、wouldhave been是什麼意思?是應翻成 ”解決”是表示與過去的相反嗎?是 所以句子表面上的意思是:Morrell再強調 能夠解決與補償因為被拒絕擁有律師的民權而產生的不義就只有宣布這些因此而蒐集到的證據無效

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    I don't think Master Ed's interpretation is logical.

    "Right to a counsel" is a right that was denied during the investation. Because it was in the past, so there is no way to give back the right to what happened in the past.

    So, you can 補償but not 恢復 what happened in the past.

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    Right to counsel: (憲法賦予被告有)聘用律師的權利。

    denial of his right to counsel:他的上述權利被取消或否決。


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