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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 9 years ago

Questions about dying hair?

So I've got light brown/dark blonde hair right now. I'm pretty interested in dying my hair red, and I might do it this summer.

So, some questions I have.

What's a good kind of dye to get? Should I do it at home, or go to a salon? How well do those dyes that stay in for 20 washes or whatever work, because I don't want it to fade and me get stuck in between red and my natural hair color. Is there a way to take permanent hair dye out of your hair, or do you have to just let it grow out?

If I have blue eyes, pale skin, and natural light brown/dark blonde hair, will red look okay on me? I don't tan, I just burn.

Oh, and if I do decide I want to do it, how do I ask my mom?


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  • 9 years ago
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    Dying is something that you should really think about, specially permanent. You should get it done at a salon since it sounds like your new to the idea of dying our hair, plus it will probably stay in longer. There are semi- permanent dyes( the twenty wash thing you were talking about) but they are usually harder to find in natural colors. You usually have to let the dye grow out but you always could dye darker over it or bleach it then dye it ( But bleaching your hair isnt good for it specially if you do it a lot!) I actually think a strawberry blond might look really good with your light eyes but im not sure if it will go over your natural hair color. Definatly think about it and tell your mom that you just want to experiment and its not forever and if you don't like it you can dye it back. Hope this helps!!!!!!!

    Source(s): Dyed my hair a bunch of times
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  • If you go with a darker tone of red, it should look fine. I think you should set up an appointment with someone at a salon. The colors you buy from a store are nothing like the ones you use in a salon. Keep in mind, salons have the actual professional hair colors, and they're much healthier for your hair. Never do the ones that stay for 20 washes, because they WILL fade, and they'll fade fast. As for your mom, just tell her that you've been thinking about doing something different, and ask her politely. If she says no, then it's understandable. Once you start coloring your hair, it's hard to stop. It also can create quite a bit of damage for your hair. Good luck!

    Source(s): Cosmetology student, and I've been coloring my hair since I was 7.
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  • 9 years ago

    1) j Beverly or Paul Mitchell.

    2) salon.

    3) use permenant.

    4) re dye it you natural hair color

    5) maybe.

    6) tell your mom that you've really thought about it an you thought it would look really cute on you. Ask her to just let you try it because you might really like it(:

    Hope I helped you :)

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