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What's the fastest way to get from Pierce County Washington to Yakima, Washington?

From any city in Pierce county. I do not care which. Just the fastest way.


Those driving direction sites wont let you enter variables like that. You have to be specific. You have to enter exact cities or zip codes.

Update 2:

perfectlybaked, You are wrong. highway 410 from Buckey is a 2 hour drive, 1 & 1/2 if you go 80 the whole way, even with traffic .. not that there is much on 410.

Update 3:

So, even though I do not know the fastest way I do know that you can get there in way less than 3 hours. I do know that much.

Update 4:

If you are going to answer my question then at least give accurate answers.

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    There is only one general way, through the passes.

    The only other faster way I can think of is via Leer jet, onto a private runway.

    One way or the other you are in for a 3+ hours drive.

    (If you know the answer already then why ask the question? I've been to Yakima only once, and our group was quite anxious to get there.)

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