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What does it mean to be a human being- Philosophy essay HELP?

This is my essay question for my AP Philosophy class, I NEED SOME PHILOSOPHERS to cite in this essay that pondered this question. Im not sure which ones though


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    Apparently, if your AP teacher assigned you this topic, you have read several or more major philosophers' writings.

    If so, you know that philosophers pose (ask) and try to explore or answer basic questions about the human condition and/or place in the larger context of all things (the cosmos). So, in one sense, to be a human being means to wonder about and try to answer such questions as those listed below.

    1. Are human beings merely biological organisms/products of a natural evolutionary process or are they part of some larger eschatology/reality beyond our current understanding (God, supernatural phenomena, etc)? Sometimes this issue is called man's relationship to himself and/or to any possible God or other link to the universe.

    2. What is the basic nature of human beings? Are their innate essences/qualities or are new born babies "blank slates" shaped entirely by experiences? This is often called the nurture vs. nature issue.

    3. Are there absolutes existing separately from human conceptions or consciousness of such things as beauty, justice, good, evil, and morally right and wrong behavior OR are these things RELATIVE to and CHANGEABLE with human thinking about them? This is the issue of absolutes vs. variable and relative nature of reality. Plato, for instance, gets into this issue, stating the case for absolutes. Is man the "measure" of all things or is he himself "measured" by external absolutes?

    4. Do human beings have free will/choice or does destiny/fate determine all things? This is both a philosophical and religious issue. What did you find concerning these issues in your readings and in your own experiences?

    Obviously, other basic issues should have come up in your readings also, but these four should give you plenty to write about in your essay.

    Source(s): Advanced degrees in philosophy and literature
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    Dear Lover of Wisdom. I have a question for you: are we humans having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience?

    I am a spiritual being, 24-7 who experiences humanity every day. Humanity is the real cause for war because of the inherent weaknesses such as unforgiveness and poor self-acceptance. When I met Jesus who listened to me cry out to know Him, I could then accept some very hard-ball things about life. And, I can accept them joyfully, knowing the One who hung each star in the sky and gave each one a name cares much more for me than for any and all of them. That gives me inner peace. This peace then can radiate out through the community where I live. If everyone has this kind of experience, then wars will cease and so will a lot more of life's dangers.

    Hope you want to know Him too. His arm is not shortened that it cannot reach out and save're not going to lose it if you look unto Him: the Author and Finisher of our lives.

    Source(s): The Holy Bible
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    We are spiritual beings, being human. We have downloaded ourselves into physical bodies to experience the material realm. If we had not come back as a human being, we may have been being an animal, a cat or a dog. Everything that has the breath of life is being something, we are simply being human. We are not human, we are being human. In other words we are not our bodies, we are focusing in the body as living the life as a human. I don't know how you can make a whole essay out of that, but it is somewhere to start.

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    Continental Philosopher Erich Fromm.

    Lightest of his 2 books is `The Art of Loving`.

    About 1 and 1/2 hour to read..2 with annotations..his other book longer, v complex.

    You can probably get this on Kindle or on eBook.

    I hope this helps miniature masterpiece.

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