Why do people keep spreading lies about the outcome of debates when it comes to William Lane Craig?

People said that WLC just crushed Christopher Hitchens, but when I watched the "debate," absolutely nothing happened. I don't even think either of them won, but WLC's comeback to Hitchens final blow was just terrible, and WLC definitely did not win. THEN people say that he just reduced Sam Harris to nothing, and so I watched that debate, and yet again, I actually think Sam Harris was doing far better than WLC in the first few 20-minute turns. So, what's with that? Yes, I asked this earlier, but I got no answers because I asked it at the wrong time.

I know the rules, so here are the videos:


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The videos are very long, so you don't have to watch them. I just put them there so that people won't say that no such debates exist or some other nonsense.

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  • Uros I
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    8 years ago
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    Because, when people are passionate about a subject, they will tend to hear and see what they like, that is, they will filter their experiences. That does not mean that what is filtered out is too threatening for their belief system, it is simply not taken into consideration.

    For instance, I can not even watch those kind of debates because it hurts me that inteligent men are debating God's existence instead of trying to find out what universal truths can be found in those ancient writings.

    We are too often on the wrong trail.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Re the sam harris debate if i remember correctly he wasnt responding to WLC's argument and instead was talking about G Bush and violence committed by christians. I personally felt that because of this he 'lost'. However, I agree with the other comments that anyone can claim to have won or lost and there is no way of judging it.......

  • 8 years ago

    Anyone can say their man won a debate because there is no objective measure of victory in a debate.

  • 8 years ago

    Because people are horrible by nature. It is in our nature to lie. So we do.

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