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Ideas For Family Photo Shoots?

Hello there!

Next month I am having three sets of family photographs done, one with my Mum's family, one with my Dad's family and one with just my parents and I.

Set One -

Male aged 47 years

Male aged 44 years

Female aged 42 years

Male aged 36 years

Female aged 17 years

Male aged 16 years

Female aged 5 years

Male aged 4 years

Male aged 9 months

Set 2 -

Female aged 64 years

Female aged 47 years

Female aged 46 years

Male aged 39 years

Female aged 17 years

Set 3 -

Female aged 47 years

Male aged 44 years

Female aged 17 years

Could you please give me some ideas as to poses and clothing etc?

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    Last people shoot I did was at the Botanical Gardens. I said, "no whites, no blacks, stick to mid-tones, no busy designs", but of course I was ignored. They were happy, so I can't b*tch.

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