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should I go to paris in january? any other suggestions?

i really wanted to visit paris in the summer but its really pricey so i was thinking of going during winter vaccation (jan 19-29). but i was wondering if it was worth it bec i know it gets really cold there during the winter and i dnt know if there is much to do there in the winter. do you guys know if i should go? and do you know of any other places to go where its really nice but not too cold? either in the US or another country thats not too pricey. *i dont go skiing much so pls dont suggest places that is mainly for skiing. and i live in NYC, so places other than that.

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    You can have great holidays in Paris during the winter. The weather is not cooler than in NYC, there are no strong winds and if it snows, which is unusual, it's really just a little bit.

    The only thing is that it gets dark early but if you carefully plan your stay, you can discover the city during the day and visit museums or go shopping after 5 PM.

    You can do the same things in winter or summer but in winter you'll see Paris with a little bit less tourists, so less queueing to visit a museum or monument and you'll see the real life of the city.

    There's a hostel near Bastille square that costs from 14€ per day and nice well situated hotels from about 65€.

    Some of the main places to visit :

    Museums : Orsay, Rodin, Louvre, Pompidou.

    Monuments : Concorde square, Arc of Triumph, Eiffel tower.

    Churches : Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte Chapelle, Sacre Coeur, Saint Germain.

    Areas of Paris : Saint Germain DES Pres, Saint Louis Island, Latin quarter, Trocadero, Le Marais, Montmartre.

    Gardens : Luxembourg, Tuileries, Palais Royal. Monceau park.

    You can also visit Versailles palace, the trianons and gardens.

    A day trip to Mount Saint Michel. You can also visit the Loire valley & castles. Chartres Cathedral.

    Some hotels well situated that cost maximum 100€.

    Flat rentals :

    Paris tourist office

    Another suggestion : instead of Paris, you can visit Florence and Venice. The weather is cold but beginning of January there are almost no tourists, only the locals, hotels are much much cheaper and you can visit all the museums and places without getting mad with loads of people, queues etc ... I always visit Florence and Venice in winter or autumn and I adore it.

    There's a nice 3 stars hotel in Florence : Hotel Ballestri, at Piazza Mentana. Rooms with view to the Arno river, hotel's staff is professional and kind. Last February I paid about 70€ per day, breakfast (good one) included, superior double room used as single. Good inexpensive restaurants : Coquinarius, La Spada, Convivium.

    Source(s): I was born and live in Paris.
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    If you really want to go my opinion is to go. Is totally different going on Christmas. I thing is better than in summer. I have visited Paris both season and i like more during winter.Of course will be clod but remember if you wear the necessary clothes (e.g.warm jacket, boots, hat and gloves) you will not fill anything. Just enjoy Paris.

    Also i will suggested you to go in London if you have been or Amsterdam. It is depend of you.

    Have a nice trip whatever you decide.

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