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Can you use Dyson vacuum cleaners at 220~230 volts?

I'm trying to buy a dyson vacuum cleaner but I don't know if it's going to be operational at a different level of voltage.

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    Hi there,

    We'd advise against attempting to convert a Dyson machine to run at a different voltage, as this is likely to cause damage, and will invalidate our 5-year guarantee. We'd also recommend that you don't import a Dyson for use in a different country, as it won't meet the appropriate legislation for that country.

    If you'd like advice on purchasing a Dyson machine of the correct voltage for the area you're in, please call us free on 0800 298 0298 (UK) or 1866MYDYSON (US). One of our experts will be happy to answer any queries you have. If you're outside the UK or US, please email with your contact and location details, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to provide further assistance.

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    Dyson Online Customer Support

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    if you buy a north american dyson it will be 110, you can get adaptors to plug it into a 220 system but it will eventually burn out. buy a dyson built for 220. appliances made for 110 and run at 220 is like putting jet fuel in your regular car engine, it might work for a minute but it will blow up.

    Source(s): took 110 appliances to Germany while posted there and had to replace them all.
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    in the event that they scouse borrow a Dyson vacuum purifier...why no longer? enable me basically plug my new Dyson into my pals power grant and wallah! vacuuming with a Dyson is the hot borrowing gray Poupon™ out of your pals Bently..yay!

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    Yes get one that is made for the voltage you want.

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    They will be operational, after all they are made for customers worldwide. However check with manufacturer.

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