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what policies of the soviet union had a dramatic effect on the life style of people in kazakhstan?


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    The Industrialisation of Kazakhstan was not a huge success, as the Kazakh population preferred to remain either nomads or farmers. The factories built in Soviet Central Asia were mostly staffed with non-natives, with Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians (amongst others) being moved into the area. Many Kazakhs that did get jobs in the factories took time off (generally without permission) to attend to traditional roles - such as gathering in the herds or at harvest time.

    Collectivisation did adversely affect the Kazakh population. Collectivisation was the pooling of all the resources in an area, with the farmers being given a proportion of the profits at the end of the year. This affected Kazakh nomadic farming as the traditional, family / clan model was upset, and because the nomads did not really use a cash economy. Herds were split up and re-organised, amd attempts were made to turn the nomads into town dwellers - only following the herds at certain times.

    Education possibly had the greatest impact on Kazakh life. The Kazakh language had no written form before the Soviets introduced one. They aimed to make the population literate in their own language. This gave Kazakhs access to university and to different ways of life - and the ability to move anywhere within the USSR.

    The other policy that had a huge impact on Kazakh life was the deliberate Russification of the republic. Millions of Russians were moved in, to work in the factories and mines as well as to administer the republic. This had the effect of making the Kazakh speaking population almost second class citizens in their own republic.

    The other policies that had effects on Kazakh society were Soviet social policies. Kazakh society is divided into three distinct Juz, or Hordes: the Ulu, Kishi and Orta Juz. The Soviets did not favour one Juz over another. The other social policy that had an impact on Kazakh society were Soviet religious policies. Islam was not well established in Kazakhstan, most people only paid lip service to Islam - and Soviet anti-religious policies reduced religious observance amongst Kazakh people.

    Source(s): Undergraduate dissertation was about Kazakhstan
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