Week 12 Fantasy Football help!!?

Alright well, I really need to win the next three games that we have, I dont have an "Awesome" team, but I'm trying here. I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer!!

QB's - Josh Freeman, Carson Palmer, or Alex Smith

WR's - Victor Cruz, Marques Colston, Laurent Robinson, Jacoby Ford, Ted Ginn Jr, Earl Bennett

RB - LeSean McCoy (Of course starting) Deangelo Williams.....I have A.P. but not playing Sunday (any suggestions here would be great if you have anyone I should pick up)

TE - Fred Davis or Vernon Davis

DEF - Bears










This is my first league so go easy lol

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    Josh Freeman: Above average player, more of a 2nd string safety net in case your first guy

    goes down

    Carson Palmer: Up against Bears D this week so bad matchup, but start him whenever he has a

    favorable matchup

    Alex Smith: played Thurday so that ship has sailed plus he had a terrible game. Don't look to

    start him unless you have no other choice

    Victor Cruz: Great player, Must start every week

    Marques Colston: Pretty reliable player, good start

    Laurent Robinson: also a decent option, good start, already played Thursday

    Earl Bennet: question mark as far as the rest of the season goes, with Caleb Hanie under center

    Jacoby Ford: great player, but wont play this week and maybe not for another week after that

    Ted Ginn Jr: Pull a Ginn and DROP NOW!!! He can't catch, drops everything thrown his way,

    the only reason he still has a job is because of his return skills

    LeSean McCoy: You said it, must start every week

    Adrian Peterson: Pick up his back-up Tony Gerhart. He should get a hefty workload this week

    with Peterson out

    DeAngelo Williams: Good player, not elite, but pretty good. solid start with favorable matchup

    Vernon & Fred Davis: Great TEs, can't go wrong with either one. Go with whoever has better match- up, Vernon did already play so whoever you chose you have to stick with

    Bears D: Great D, one of the best in the league

    Go with

    QB- Josh Freeman

    WR- Victor Cruz

    WR- Marques Colston

    WR- Laurent Robinson

    RB- LeSean McCoy

    RB- Deangelo Williams

    TE- Either one

    W/R/T- Tony Gerhart if available, if not Earl Bennet

    DEF- Bears

    Source(s): Good Luck!
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