what are some anime movies?

i don't want any that are from a series. just a classic anime movie.

and i've already seen spirited away and summer wars.

what are some others that i can watch?

(no sad endings!)

please include a summary~

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  • 8 years ago
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    Genres: action, horror, psychological, science fiction, supernatural

    Themes: military, superpowers

    Plot Summary: In the year 2019, thirty-one years have passed since the outbreak of World War III. In Neo-Tokyo, all authority is waging a never-ending struggle against the underground that virtually rules the shattered city. A top-secret child with amazing powers of the minds breaks free from custody and accidentally gets a motorcycle gang involved in the project. The incident triggers psychic powers within one of the members, Tetsuo, and he is taken by the army and experimented on. His mind has been warped and is now on the path of war, exacting revenge on the society that once called him weak


    A Tree of Palme

    Genres: adventure, drama, fantasy, romance

    Plot Summary: Palme is a puppet created by a man to care for his sickly wife. After her death Palme becomes paralyzed with sorrow, that is, until a woman being pursed happens to cross paths with Palme and his creator and ask them to deliver something precious to a sacred place called Tama. Palme, mistaking her for his masters late wife, accepts the request. This becomes his first step to becoming more human in order to understand his own feelings.


    My Neighbor Totoro

    Genres: adventure, comedy, supernatural

    Themes: magical creatures

    Plot Summary: Two young girls, Mei and Satsuki, move into a new home that is close to the hospital that their mother is in. In their yard is an extremely large tree which is home to three Totoros, gods of the forest. Soon after, news from the hospital comes up that their mother can’t come home as promised, so Mei (the younger daughter) runs away from home to visit her mom. Satsuki then needs to turn to Totoro for help in finding her sister.

    you can watch them and more here.



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  • 8 years ago

    Since you have seen Spirited Away I will suggest Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki the story follows a girl name Sophie who is saved by Howl (a magician), however she is then cursed by the Which of the Waste (cursed into being a old lady). She gets employed to be Howl's maid in his moving castle, and the movie follows their adventures. Another one of Hayao Miyazaki's movie is Princess Mononoke, which is a movie that follows a young prince by the name of Asitaka who is cursed by a raging god. He is banished from his clan, and he sets out to the forest to the west to find out what made the god rage and become a daemon. When he gets to the forest he meets the wolf princess Mononoke (who is a human!) the story continues on from there. The final movie i can think of is Origin Spirits of the Past the movie flows a boy Agito who finds a girl from the past who is in suspended animation from which he awakens her. The story then follows them trying to awaken the forgot technology of the past (o i forgot to say they are in apocalypse world). These are all action movies so if you aren't interested in action anime movies then don't watch these. ^.^

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