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Should I start Kevin Smith or Michael Bush this week ?

In my league, we start 2 running backs. My running backs are Arian Foster, Michael Bush, and Kevin Smith (and I'm obviously starting Foster). Kevin Smith had an amazing game last week, but it was against a terrible Carolina run defense. I'm not sure if Smith will be able to pull off a good game this week against Green Bay. On the other hand, Michael Bush has had many great games in a row, but Darren McFadden will probably be back this week so Bush won't get as many carries. Who do you think I should start? Kevin Smith vs Green Bay or Michael Bush vs Chicago?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There's a lot of info to consider so I'm breaking it down by player:

    Michael Bush - Even *IF* Run-DMC is back this week, we should still expect Bush to get a decent workload so that DMC doesn't reinjure that high ankle sprain that kept him out for weeks. Bush has proven that like Murray in Dallas, he could share carries with McFadden and would probably be a better rush offense if they rotate the two. Remember that Bush had a TD in each game from Weeks 2-4, even when McFadden was playing. ESPN reports that McFadden DID NOT practice on Wednesday.

    Kevin Smith - Amazing game last week. Was it a one time fluke? Is he the new starting RB in Detroit? I believe the answer is no and yes. He's been spoting all week practicing with the starting offensive squad, so that leads me to believe that the coaches liked what they saw last week. He carried the ball for over 150 yards but he also CAUGHT an additional 61 yards.

    My final answer: If you are in a PPR league, start Smith because he runs and catches. If it is a standard league, start Bush.

    Source(s): Schedules ESPN Fantasy & Injury updates. *remember to pick a best answer!*
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  • 8 years ago

    I'd go with Michael Bush. You have to think that the Lions will be playing catchup with the Packers offense and throwing more than running. I mean Smith was signed Nov. 7th. He had a great game, but I don't think he can replicate that. The Raiders will give Bush carries in the red zone regardless. I think he has better opportunity to find the end zone even though Chicago has a good run D. But you never know

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  • Lisa
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    I'd go with Michael Bush this week. Yes, Kevin Smith had a great week last week, but that was against the worst D in football. I do expect him to have an okay game, but I just think Detroit isn't going to have the luxury of running the ball and will be forced to pass a lot. I'd say Bush is the much safer bet this week.

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  • 8 years ago

    I'd say go with Kevin Smith. Green Bay's defense gives up a good amount of points, so don't be surprised if he finds the endzone at least once! Definitely Smith, and try and trade Bush, possibly!

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