One life to live is going off the air soon..who will go to another soap?

I heard JP will be recast as former co-star Scott Clifton's old character "Dillon Quartamaine" wouldnt be a bad fit since they are so similar in style.

I would like to see Michael Easton(John McBaine) go on General Hospital..he could be reunited with old castmate Kelly Monaco..he could be a perfect fit as part of the mob team or he could be a new police officer.

Ted has been said he should return as Alcazar(I also think Lesli Kay should be brought back as well)

I heard Kristian Alderson(Starr Manning) wants to compete with Chad Duell(Michael Corinthos) current love interest..however I think Brittany Underwood would be a better pick..mainly because I cant see Kristian playing the type of character that would take someone's guy. Brittany however could actually play the bad girl..who is fascinated by Michael. And who supports Michael wanting to be in the mob.

Id like to see Bree Williamson come to Port Charles as well..Id like for her to play the role where she kinda sorta has two sides but not split personality..Id like her to portray the geeky type who vies for Spinelli's heart.

I also would like to see Florencia Lozano be cast on GH..she could play a girl Sonny knew when he was younger(before the mobster business)..I would prefer they not previously dated/slept together but were just good friends.

Nick Choski(Vimal Patel), he could make great fit as a doctor on GH

Shenaz Treasury(Rama Patel), could play his gf and work as a nurse on GH

And thats it for's only 8 actors so thats not bad..I can think of 8 people in GH who doesnt belong.

For Bold & the Beautiful:

Tuc Watkins..I think could give this soap a lift in the comedic department a bit..and also could work for a new competing fashion company.

Erika Slezak OR Robin Strasser..cant go wrong either of these ladies should go to Bold and the Beautiful..and create a new fashion company to compete with Forrester. Also to play the husband Jerry verDoon would make a great fit.

Kassi DePaiva..she could play Tuc's interest and also work at the new company.

Days of Our Lives:

Firstoff..something is missing..I liked Days of Our Lives when they had the tabloids/reporter thing going..I think they should make a tabloid company which could be ran by Hillary B. Smith(Nora).

I think Melissa Archer could play her daughter..whom Hillary character wants to get into the business

Austin Peck..yes I think he should return..not as Austin..but as Melissa Archer's interest and a reporter for the tabloid

David Gregory(Robert Ford)..he could also work for the tabloid as the reporter who tries to one-up Peck's character(of course Jack will eventually get involved)

Sean Ringgold(Shaun Evans)..he can play Hillary's limo driver/bodyguard..and also take interest in Lexie Carver.

Mark Lawson(Brody Lovett)..simply put he can return as Eric Brady(Sami's long lost twin brother)..Lawson is so good at what he he can make the role a mainstay

Amanda Setton(Kimberly Andrews)..she could play a new girl who comes to salam

Young & the Restless:

Roger Howarth(Todd Manning)..he could come to Genoa City as a new detective..I think it would fit and could add depth to that part

Shenell Edmonds(Destiny Evans)..she could play Sofia's sister

not sure who else..but anyways..where would you like to see your fave OLTL characters go

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  • MAK
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    8 years ago
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    There is no going to another soap for me.....I watch ALL of them now.....I also watched them being canceled one by one......back in the day there were up to twenty soaps on the air a day, I taped and watched all of them.

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  • 3 years ago

    it quite is common. I too am dropping OLTL and that i've got been gazing it on and stale considering 1970 and that i'm feeling a feeling of loss. I rather fell in love with the story of Vickie and Nickie and so while Vickie have been given shot right this moment, it pained me. Staying with an identical tale for thus long makes them like yet another family participants. next week, the View is going to be approximately OLTL with an OLTL tale on a daily basis. Erika Slezak is going to the specific concentrated visitor cohost all week. i'm making plans on gazing. Your mom ought to in all probability tape it.

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  • ?
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Many of the main characters are going to the online show produced by Prospect Park. As of now Roger Howarth has not signed, but many you mentioned will continue with the online version. I think OLTL will make it, but I don't think AMC will ever come back because most of the actors moved on to other things after the show ended on ABC.

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  • Piz
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    I watch GH and I love your idea of bringing michael easton to reunite with livvie uh i mean sam.

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