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★shine.. asked in 科學化學 · 10 years ago

有請超級化學高手解答!!!!=D 20點!

Reaction of titanium and chlorine at 300度c yields a metal halide that is 25.25% Ti by mass. The melting point(-24度c) and boiling point (136度c) of the halide suggest it is a molecular compound rather than an ionic one.

a. What are the formula and name of the compound, assuming the molecular formula is same as the empirical formula?

b. Write the balanced equation for the reaction.

c. When treated with magnesium, the compound yields high-purity yitanium metal. Write a balanced equation for the reaction.



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    摩爾比 Ti : Cl

    = 25.25/47.9 : (100 - 25.25)/35.5

    = 0.527 : 2.11

    = 1 : 4

    分子式 = 實驗式 = CH4


    Ti + 2Cl2 → TiCl4


    2Mg + TiCl4 → Ti + 2MgCl2

    Source(s): Tsui
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