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How did the archangel Michael get to be commanding general of Heaven's military? Did he attend West Point?

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    He was promoted when satan decided he wanted to try to take the throne of God for himself and make God his slave and convinced 1/3rd of the angels in heaven to join his cause but miserably failed because he failed to understand that a creation can never over power a creator.

    Michael is currently the most powerful angel in heaven and the bible says that satan power is at a point where Michael has to be careful when he approaches him. Its not know if Michaels promotion included a power level increase or just a rank.

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    I want all Christians to take note of what Gilbert wrote. ONE THIRD of the inhabitants of Heaven wanted out. God had to promote an angel to archangel to quell the rebellion. Now if Heaven was so great, then why did so many angels want out? There are more people who want to live in Cleveland than want to live in heaven. Now I understand that Lucifer wanted to be God. OK, that I understand. But if Heaven is perfect and wonderful then what could Lucifer have promised the others to get them to revolt? "Hey, guys, I know you are in Paradise and have everything you could possibly want, but if you follow me I'll see that you live in Paradise and you will have everything you could possibly want. Now let's go fight God." Please tell who would want to revolt with Lucifer?

    Christians, something HAS to be wrong with Heaven. I don't care how good Satan is at talking people into things, no angel in his right mind is going to risk everything if he already HAS everything. How much eternal bliss can there be?

    There is only one answer to explain the need for a General to be in charge of an Army of Angels. They are trying to get out of heaven and Michael is keeping them there. There are angels in Heaven who are being held prisoner.

    So the question for Christians to ponder is: If you go to Heaven and you decide you want out, can you leave? Now don't say that you would never want to leave because a whole bunch DID want to leave. Why does God need an Army? Satan was defeated and banished. Think about it Christians. There is something fishy going on.

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