Should I major in Environmental or Chemical Engineering, If I want to be an Environmental Engineer?

I want to be an Environmental Engineer so I was thinking to major in ENENG but then I heard it would be better to major in Chemical Engineering. So which one should I major in?

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  • Homer
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    9 years ago
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    Do more homework - research - before you decide on a major, and what you really want to do. Get a better handle on exactly it is that chemical engineers do versus environmental engineers.

    I personally know people who are chemEs and those who are environmental engineers.

    My chemical engineer friend also has degrees in chemistry - almost a PhD. He jokingly said to me once that the difference between chemists and chemical engineers is this: chemists deal with solutions, chemical engineers deal with bigger solutions. Hopefully, that made sense. ChemEs are going to deal with designing how to produce chemicals, products, in an economical way. They deal with moving and mixing large volumes of chemicals to make other substances, and at the best - usually lowest - cost.

    My wife, for example, is an environmental engineer - she has expertise when it comes to designing wastewater treatment systems - knowing the chemical, biological, and physical processes that take place in ww treatmet, how to design conditions to maximize effectiveness of systems, etc. etc. In college, she took all sorts of chemistry, bio, and engineering courses (that inter-relate) at the graduate level.

    If you decide you like both chemical engineering and environmental engineering, there is no reason to double major. However, you may find it difficult to double major at the graduate level where you'll likely want to focus more on one or the other. Or, major in one and minor in the other.

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