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Whats a drug dealer?

Sounds a little stupid and i dont know english much. Is it a person who sell drug or take drug?

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    Drug dealers are people who sell or trade drugs to other people, regardless of who those people are.

    Some make a distinction between "pushers" and "drug dealers".

    A pusher is a guy who deals in small, personal, amounts of drugs and is basically a low man on the totem pole - a guy with no real power. A drug dealer, sells large amounts of drugs (as in kilos) and has lots of money, as well as a network of people who work for him doing various jobs. These can be anything from "pushing" to transporting drugs to prostitution.

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    a drug dealer is someone who sells who sells drugs to other people.

  • Anonymous
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    a dealer is someone who sells drugs. since they sell them , they most likely use them too tho

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    a drug dealer sells the drugs to the drug addicts. Occasionally, the drug dealers will do the drugs themselves. So to answer your question, drug dealers do both. They sell and take the drugs.

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