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Please post a link showing all or most of the rules for controlling and flying a real Boeing 747-400?


I want to become a real 747 pilot.

But I'm still in 10th grade so I have a few years to study.

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    As far as the pilots are concerned:

    A pilot licence, at least private pilot with a 747 type rating -

    Instrument rating required to file IFR flight plans and airspace, if not, remain VFR -

    Radio operator restricted licence -

    Medical 2nd class (3rd class if FAA) -

    As far as an operation certificate and aircraft documents:

    AOC issued by country of registry (i.e. FAR 125 in USA) -

    Registration certificate -

    Radio station licence -

    Flight log and maintenance manual (with MEL) with inspections as requied -

    Maps and charts as required for the flight -

    Flight plan on file as required by ATC -

    Next time, rephrase your question to "I want to be an airline pilot" -

    If your airline has 747s, you might fly one... if they are not retired by then -

    Edit - since you are in 10th grade -

    Study mathematics, physics, geography, English etc.

    Then go to college, and get a 4 yrs degree -

    Finally, get trained for a license as pilot -

    By the time you are 30 or 35 of age, you might become pilot with an airline -

    And to fly a desk top flight sim game, you can fly a 747 now -

    You do not need all that - and you will tell "real pilots" how to fly airplanes -


    Source(s): You asked for it, you got it - I am former "real" 747 pilot -
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    Quite a few years, start with and look at Part 91 on Private Pilot, that's where you'll start.

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    Planning a hijack operation, are we???

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