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Why is the oldest living man, a Democrat?

Shelby Harris (born March 31, 1901) is an American supercentenarian. At 110, he is currently the oldest living resident of Illinois and the oldest man in the United States. The record for Illinois' oldest person is held by 114 year old Wilhelmina Kott. On 24 October 2011, aged 110 years 207 days he became one of 100 oldest men ever.

Harris was born on the state of Indiana. He grew up in southern Indiana in a town called Ayrshire. During his youth, he started working in the coal mines in that area until he was offered a job at the Union Malleable (now John Deere) foundry. At the age of 41, Harris joined the army to serve in World War II, but due to a broken ankle, he did not make it out of boot camp and was assigned to stateside logistics duty although he was stationed in the European theater for nearly a year. He left the Army in 1945. By the time he had joined the Army, he was already separated from his wife and children.

Harris actively served as a deacon for his church up until he was 102, and entered a Rock Island nursing home by the time he was 105. He is a great-great-great-grandfather. His youngest grandson is 56 years old. Harris is seemingly a lifelong Democrat voting for John F. Kennedy in 1960 and Barack Obama in 2008.

He credits his longevity to God, and his grandson says he takes good care of himself and still has a good memory. When Harris signed up for the war, his height and weight were recorded as 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m) and 134 pounds (61 kg), a body mass index of 19.2.


He is the oldest living American man, do you really think people live much longer?

Update 2:

Men are lucky to make it to 80 dude

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    From his bio we see...

    -Born in Indiana (heavy Democrat presence)

    -Work in coal industry (union)

    -Work for John Deer (union)

    -Work logistical support (ie grunt) in army'

    -Now lives in Rock Island, Illinois (just outside of Chicago, mega-heavy Democrat presence)

    So he's a Democrat.....why should any of this surprise you?

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    Honor your father & mother, & your days, will be long, upon the earth... At age 63, I wish I could say, I did a better job of that, than I did... Its more of the opposite is true, with the right... Proclaiming God, while promoting greed, nothing for the poor, widows, children.... Seems people could see through that... But another Biblical passage... Money, the root of all evil...

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    Old people are senile

    If you're actually attempting to make the argument that if you vote democrat you'll live longer. Look at the statistics and life expectancies for places like Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore, vs. Places like Miami, Houston and Alabama.

    Notice that Southern States have a much longer life expectancy rate than northern states

    The key roles that play into that are:




    and society

  • DNA. Both of my Great Grandfathers lived into the late 90's, and both of my grandfathers did. Genetics.

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    Illinois always has the oldest man as long as their not buried yet they can still vote.

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    Because he's 110 and senile?

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    I seriously doubt 110 is the oldest...

    Uh oh, it says, "He credits his longevity to God..."

    Now liberals have to belittle him and attack his intellect. How unfortunate.

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    Honest people live longer. Lying makes you die quicker.

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