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Can the city of Phila take my home for behind in city wage taxes?

My job did not take wage tax for 6 years, now I owe alot of money, they are saying I may lose my property. Can they take my home?

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    And since your employer didn't pay them and you never paid them, the statute of limitations didn't start at all. Philadelphia has the right to come back for the wage tax forever. In the age of computers, this isn't difficult. Yes, it would be nice if they'd caught you the first year, but they didn't. Like you, they didn't get around to it for a while.

    Beg or borrow the money and pay it off. Note, the tax (but not penalty or interest) is a federal deduction in the year paid if you itemize state and local taxes.

    BTW, I remember those city taxes. Was shocked as a kid on an internship to owe it.

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    Ultimately, you are the one responsible for making sure your taxes, including your city wage tax, are paid not your employer. You should have caught this and filed an annual city wage tax return.

    The city can take whatever it can to satisty what you owe. This would include taking your house as well as garnishing your wages.

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    They can slap a tax lien on anything that you own, and enforce that lien if you don't pay the taxes due.

    How could you live in Philly for 6 years and be unaware that the city wage tax was not being withheld from your wages? Don't you ever look at your pay stub? Not once in 6 years??

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