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Is the Toyota Tundra a good 4x4 pickup truck?

Im looking to buy a car, and I've been looking at the Toyota Tundra crew cab, but I have some doubts and worries and I would like peoples opinions and knowledge on a few things. I hunt and fish a lot, and will without doubt be using the truck for a lot of off-road and towing, so the truck will need to be reliable when it comes to it's 4x4 performance. I am worried though that since it is a pretty big truck that it will be too heavy in mud and snow. I also need to know if it is acomfortable ride since I will be using it as my everyday car as well.

- Yall's help is much appreciated! Thank you!!

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    Great truck.

    If I were to buy a truck right now, it would be in the running.

    It does offer the same towing capacity as domestics if you are comparing apples to apples.

    Sure you can buy a Silverado 2500 HD with the towing package and the Tundra can't touch it. Of course, you will also pay a pretty penny more for a 2500.

    That being said, a comparable Silverado 1500 is just as good, or better, than the Tundra at everything and right now you can get a much better deal on a 2011 model.

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    I been driving mine since 2001... v8 access cab.. no accidents and 103K miles.

    It has only been in the shop ONCE for a new oxygen sensor. The Tundras (by my experience) are the lightest trucks in the market....

    Also when driving at low speeds it feels like a VERY NICE CAR... till i step on the pedal then it reminds me that am driving a truck!

    As the 4X4 toyotas have a good system they have been doing 4X4 and all time 4wheel drive for a very long time... toyota started racing AWD in the late 80's... So there should be no worries about AWD or 4X4 here...

    About getting stuck... that depends on the driver...

    About fuel economy ... in my case depends on my way driving....

    Also if you like more info join the many online groups about the tundras online, you will find more people there with more personal opinions than here....

    If you compare one of the many "HD" trucks Vs a tundra you will notice that the tundra is not a HD type but it can be used more often than ANY HD type ( you must compare the maintenance from ANY HD Vs a Tundra )

    Good luck deciding....

    Source(s): i had a silverado, tacoma, f150, ram and drove many others....
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    Toyota Tundra Mudding

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    The only area where domestics compare favorably to the Tundra is fuel economy and ride. I own a 2011 Tundra Crew Max 4x4 and it owns my buddy's 2010 F-150 pulling his boat. The ride is a little bit rougher in the Tundra, but it handles heavy loads better, and is still good enough for daily commutes.

    I don't know about deep snow, but ice, mud and deep dry sand is no problem in four wheel drive. I've used mine in those and haven't been worried at all about being able to make it through.

    Fuel economy when unloaded is terrible for me though because it is way to much fun to press the gas pedal down. Parts aren't really that much more for it either, but you won't be needing as many repairs.

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    Tundras have for years been rated as the best pickups on the market, very reliable and comfortable. Don't worry about the weight offroad. Bigger trucks have bigger tires to spread the load.

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    the tundra does not offer the same towing capability as the domestic.yea theyre rated the same,but it all becomes bunk when the hitch is on the truck.the toy will sway and sag more than a comparable domestic,( down here in florida you never see toy's pulling horse trailers because they cant absorb the horse's moving around as well as a domestic.leading to accidents)and toyota isn't the most popular full size truck,ford is.the market numbers bear this out.also if the trails you will be going over are tight, consider a dakota.same towing capability as a full size domestic, ( my 99 dakota has a 10k rating ) and the skinnier width gives more maneuver room.

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    i drove a friends tundra, fantastic ride, but like imporst come , expensive to fix.

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    yes in 1970 when petrol was a dime

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