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Exercise: How To Build A Smooth Toned Body?

I am 38 years old. I stand at 6'2" and 173 lbs. I use to weight 300 lbs going back to 2006. Now I feel I am too skinny with a little belly around the belly button area. My does does not match my face. People say I have a cute face but it does not go with my body.

I would like to build a smooth toned body- a six pack. I can't afford the gym membership at this time.

How do I go about building this type of body on my own? What foods should I eat and how much? What exercises should I do- crunches, jumping jacks, situps, pushups, lifting weights and how so? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    this may sound strange but getting video for dance workouts and bootcamp workouts is great. If you have a bicycle and like to ride a good 45 minute at hard pace 3 times a week will give you great legs and backside. For upper body do things like planks and push ups. Make sure you change the plane by doing T-planks where you lift one arm off the ground and rotate around and then do other side. Go very high intensity for short time and then allow sufficient time to recover. In other words exhaust the muscle in under thirty minutes then give them several days to recover and rebuild before hitting them hard again. A great exercise for abs is hanging leg raises. Find a bar you can hang from and raise your legs up. do as many as you can straight legs, then do bent leg pulling knees up to your chest. An alternate is to hang by your knees and crunch up like a hanging sit up (Think Rocky). In fact those songs-Gonna Fly Now and Eye of the Tiger, are in most of my workout mixes. and then from my wrestling days is V-snap up. start lying flat on ground then snap up to V and up to where hands touch toes then go back down but do not allow back or feet to touch the ground. you want to do h these fast, 40 in about 20 seconds.

    Be sure to warm muscles up slowly and do stretching and warm down. Do NOT stretch muscles when they are cold.

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    Follow a functional activities of 1st day chest and bicepd 2d day shoulder and triceps third day again and legs 4tg day (relaxation) do just the entire above however no longer aggresively Follow a activities with extra repetation alternatively than growing weights and take a look at out new sporting activities probably that is helping burning fats, be aware of hot up and aerobic greater than lifting weights for a toned frame

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