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Fantasy football trade: Miles Austin for Ryan Mathews/Willis McGahee?

Someone offered me a trade for Miles Austin, giving my Beanie Wells, I declined, and want to counter offer. I was thinking of Trading MIles Austin for his Ryan Mathews or Willis McGahee. Which of these do you think is the better deal. IMO I think Mathews just because he is a very good passing back with Philip Rivers.

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    No, Ryan Matthews chokes. He fumbled twice @ Chicago Bears. He is very inconsistent as well, and only has minimal bursts. Willis McGahee is injured, and won't have as much carries as Lance Ball. If you can, find another better option.

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    i might pull back. in simple terms try to think of what mode those 2 communities are on. The Cowboys are vouching for a playoff spot and could play stressful the entire season. however the Colts are approximately to hit that element the place it now no longer concerns, and that element is a nightmare for a fantasy proprietor. that element is... The fifteenth & sixteenth week. notwithstanding if Miles Austin does not get you as many factors over here couple of weeks, a minimum of he would be enjoying the entire time with a sturdy quarterback week in and week out.

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    Go for Ryan Mathews! Romo is to inconsistant and Austin will not give you as many points as Mathews will!

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