Good Action,Adventure,Fps games for pc?

is almost my bday and i thinking of buying a game but most are boring.

if you have a game in mind please reply :)

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    Free and online adventure games

    Fullmetal Battle

    A brand new iOS and browser-based game based on the popular anime series "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood".


    BeGone is a 3D, browser-based, first-person shooting game. It is a simplified shooter for fans who may feel like easing some stress during lunchbreak or letting off some head-shot steam before hitting the sack. The game runs on the Unity3D engine, which allow developers to easily and efficiently offer consumers high quality products at only a fraction of the cost that most big studios pour into single-A projects.

    Battle Stations

    Sios a world once united was devastated by an unknown force, Earthquakes swallowed the ground and the continents became separated by many leagues of open sky. Over time the people of Sios regained some of their lost technology and built airships to travel between continents. However it was only a matter of time before they would use their technology to wage war on each other.

    Destiny Stone

    Join the aspiring jewel magician Penelope Pearl on her quest to save the world of Nassaria from the God of Destruction. Destiny Stone features a deep, engaging story, interesting characters, and classic side scrolling RPG action. Help Penelope improve her jewel magic skills, protect her home, and fulfill her destiny!

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    Skyrim is the obvious choice

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