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what general policies must teachers follow?

im thinking about becoming a high school teacher and i just want to know what the general policies that teachers must follow. i know that all schools are different, so i need general answeres. like are they allowed to cuss. i dont mean like the f word or s word, but minor curse words like a$$ or damn and i dont mean saying to at a kid in a negative way.

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    Below I am pasting the Code of Ethics for PA teachers who belong to the Pennsylvania State Education Association. I'm sure that your state has something similar.

    Teachers must obey the School Code for the state, which means the state laws that address education. They must obey the school district policies that are passed for the School Board for the District. The individual school principal can also set standards for the building. Teachers must follow all of these.

    PSEA’s Code of Ethics of the Education Profession

    Principle I Commitment to the Student

    The educator measures his/her success by the progress of each student toward realization of his/her potential as a worthy and effective citizen. The educator, therefore, works to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, the acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the thoughtful formulation of worthy goals.

    Principle II Commitment to the Public

    The educator believes that patriotism in its highest form requires dedication to the principles of our democratic heritage. He/she shares with all other citizens the responsibility for the development of sound public policy and assumes full political and citizenship responsibilities. The educator bears particular responsibility for the development of policy relating to the extension of educational opportunities for all and for interpreting educational programs and policies to the public.

    Principle III Commitment to the Profession

    The educator believes that the quality of the services of the education profession directly influences the nation and its citizens. He/she, therefore, exerts every effort to raise professional standards, to improve his/her service, to promote a climate in which the exercise of professional judgment is encouraged, and to achieve conditions which attract persons worthy of the trust to careers in education. Aware of the value of united effort, he/she contributes actively to the support, planning and programs of professional organizations.

    Principle IV Commitment to Professional Employment Practices

    The educator regards the employment agreement as a pledge to be executed both in spirit and in fact, in a manner consistent with the highest ideals of professional service. He/she believes that sound professional personnel relationships with governing boards are built upon personal integrity, dignity and mutual respect. The educator discourages the practice of his/her profession by unqualified persons.

    Source(s): 38 year teacher teachers union past president
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    That site is the National Education Association Code of Ethics. Those are the general policies that teachers must follow. Read or skim over it. It should give you your answers

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