Failed - Replace Hard Disk 1 (Warranty ID - error code 10008) hard disk self short test?


I have Compaq Presario C700 Notebook. I had an Hitachi Hard Drive 160 Gb memory capacity.

I bought a Western Digital 320 Gb Hard Drive.

I installed it and checked the Hard Drive because I bought it from Internet and I was not sure if it was right.

When I do the hard disk self short test and long test, I receive the message "Failed - Replace Hard Disk 1 (Warranty ID - error code 10008) hard disk self short test".

Does it mean that the Hard Drive is defective? Or, does it mean that the new Hard Drive is not compatible with my Compaq C700 notebook?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

3 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    I would try over to Mr Dell if you are not confident about a repair installation of Windows. The hard drive on my Dell 9100 has failed on these tests about twenty times, and also on the cooling system. Re-formatting the hard-drive is about your very best bet. Keep important stuff backed up on an external hard drive that you just use for storage. Although the actual body of Dell machines and the periferies are brilliant they make some duff choices with some of the internal components to make them fast and brilliant for graphics and gaming. I know that my 9100 is as good if not faster for graphics and digital art as a few of my friends' Powerbooks which wipes the smug smiles off their faces when they call me a Windows Office slave. It certainly is the only laptop that I know other than a Powerbook of the same age that took the upgrade from Adobe 7 to Adobe CS2 without any problems. The Dell support service in the U.K. is sadly dealt with by a call centre in Mumbai, but to give them credit they have dealt me a new battery and a new powerpack well out of warranty without problems and within three days delivered to my next door neighbour as instructed.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Siempre he comprado en los sitios web hard disks de buena calidad, y siempre acabo llenándolas así que al final me he decidido compra un hard disk con una gran cantidad de almacenamiento, de una marca que ya conozco muy bien he encontrado un hard disk bastante grande a un precio sin rival, la compra ha valido la pena porque aunque es grande tiene una excelente velocidad de respuesta, una excelente compra.

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