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So Newt Gingrich doesn't like child labor laws?

They have “done more to create income inequality in the United States than any other single policy.”

I wonder if he wants to go back to the days of children working 16 hours a day in factories.

He also believes student loans should be abolished as the students should work for the colleges to pay for their tuition. Like that would really possible at Ivy League schools and most other universities.

Have all the cakes and cookies fried Gingrich's brain?


-no, jacob, your link is from september.

Update 2:

-texas patriot, I read it, but it doesn't seem you can wrap you pea-sized brain around it.

and thanks for confirming the stereotype that all us texans are uneducated rubes.

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    Honestly, i love these republicans because the more they open their mouth's the more they disqualify themselves from being president.  

    From Newt's Speech today he Asked to abolish child labor laws - he said this at harvard - not at the link some poster posted below.  

    This is the correct link:

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    Here is a link to the Child Labor Laws - give it a read - it doesn't take long to get the main gist of the laws.

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    Newt's basic assertion is that if you are poor, then one possible way to help get out of poverty is to allow children under the age of 14 to work.

    Remember of course, that current work laws forbid this - but over 14 you are allowed to work, but only for a limited amount of hours and in certain jobs (i.e. nothing super dangerous).  And if you're working for your parent or guardian, basically none of the labor laws apply.

    Before you can go any further with this argument, you have to understand there were and are good reasons for Child Labor Laws.  The nmber one reason is to protect children from exploitation.  Which when the laws didn't exist - was rampant.  

    For example, I'm a business owner.  I employee a dozen 9 year olds to place small stichings by hand in the rugs I make.  I can pay the children next to nothing, I don't give them any health insurance (they are only part timers) or benifits.  And I can sell the product for a pretty good mark up- I'm making money - I'm a capatalist.  The kids I have hired - well, they have to go to school and study.  But, the studying gets in the way of them coming to work.  Their classes cut down on the hours I can use them and that is bad for me.  So, I threaten them - come to work - produce more - or I will fire you.  I honestly, as a business owner could give a rats *** about the children's education.  And as soon as the kids get old enough to need raises I will fire them.  Leaving them without a good education and a job.  Now they can continue on to a good life?

    Now, my neighbor who doesn't employee youth labor but does the same thing as I do with adults is going out of business because he can't compete with me.  He has a choice, hire children or go out of business.  

    Now my other neighbor, he's rich.  His kids, they don't need to work.  They go to the best private schools and have access to everything they need to get them into college and beyond.  

    Which children do you think will live in poverty?  The kids that work for me or my rich neighbor's kids?

    It's just so silly.. abolishment of Child Labor Laws keeps children in poverty, it doesn't get them out.  This story has already played itself out in history and most american's (republican and democrat) believe in Child Labor Laws and politically most politicians from both sides of the aisle - not only support Child Labor Laws, but cheer it.

    I ask you though, who really is the radical?  Obama or Newt?  

    Is the America you know and love with the principles you grew up with - the one you see in your mind?

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    You are taking everything he said out of context. What he is saying makes sense if you could wrap you pea sized brain around it.

    By the way, "Think Progress" is like using wikipedia as a source.

    Source(s): Texas!
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    What good is doing homework if you could be making 75 cents per hour instead of wasting that time . Gingrich is an arrogant pompous *** . AND a lobbyist .

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    8 years ago

    He is rising in the polls because he is the only one that looks like he is made out of "dough"

    $1.6 or maybe $1.9 (he forgets numbers under $300,000) for not-lobbying Fannie Mae and $37,000,000 not-lobbying for "free market" heath insurance-health care-drugs-hospitals. I suspect that Newt-the-hoot thinks money grows on trees...........wait, didn't he also get money from the softwood industry????

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    The kids are getting in his way on the way to Italy on vacvation, get em in a factory

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    I delivered newspapers as a kid, and I am better off for the experience.

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    8 years ago

    Neither do most Republicans it appears.

  • 8 years ago

    Here is what he really said in context.

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