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disadvantages and advantages of renting?

what is the advantages and disadvantages of students renting a property after they have finished uni. or what is the advantages or disadvantages of any one renting a property.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Advantages to Renting:

    -Maintenance free property

    -flexibility to move as and when required

    -Can afford to live in a nice area which normally one cannot afford to buy

    -Cheaper than paying mortgage for the same unit

    -No future debt

    Disadvantages to Renting:

    -Does not build equity in the house

    If you are young and single- Renting is the way to go. If married and want to have kids and a dog and room for guests and entertainment then you should buy a house.

    Rem though that buying is much more expensive - it involves paying taxes, maintaining the property, paying for repairs if something breaks etc not to mention the money lost in paying interest to have a mortgage.

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  • 4 years ago

    Renting (in actual components) is replacing money for a place to stay for a distinctive quantity of time hassle-free as a employ contract. reward are that in case you employ, you're no longer to blame for fixing or changing something that is broken with the aid of wide-spread placed on and tear. the owner is. Renting is especially extra low fee, and in case you do in contrast to the place you're living or your financial difficulty adjustments, that is plenty extra handy to %. up and pass someplace else. in case you do no longer plan on living someplace for long, that is extra effective to employ. unfavourable aspects are which you do no longer very own something, and so which you are able to't do in spite of you prefer to components that's no longer yours. interior the long-term, it does not make financial sense to employ in case you're no longer likely everywhere, you may besides purchase in case you are able to.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    advantages:sometimes it gets you PROFIT in some financial or critical situation.

    Disadvantages:TENSION!TENSIONdtension ! 2 return dat amount OR kindness by any way as qwick as possible.


    Source(s): my DAD
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