what is ESI and PF and how they calculate?

what is ESI and PF and how they calculate ,if i have got 10000 as a salery how much they deduct ?

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    PF = Provident fund. (12% of employee's share & 13.61% of employer's share on basic)

    Employer Contribution:

    3.67% = Provident Fund (A/c No.1)

    8.33% = Pension Fund (A/c No.10)

    0.5% = EDLIS -Employees Direct Linked Insurance Scheme (A/c No.21)

    Administrative Charges:

    1.10% of emoluments = Provident Fund (A/c No.2)

    0.01% of emoluments = EDLIS (A/c No.22)

    Employee Contribution: 12%

    ESI = Employees state insurance. (1.75% of employee's share & 4.75% of employer's share on total salary)

    Employees covered under the scheme are persons whose monthlygross salary is of less than Rs.10, 000

    Ø By the eligible employees --1.75% of Gross wages

    Ø By the employer -- 4.75% of Gross wages including administrative charges

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    ESI is a scheme who cover the Employee under in life insure,medical insure and clam........ PF is an account thats grow-up to Employees and full fill his some need, Employers (Comp.) pay you fund money through this account.......................

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    ESI is used for free medical service...and pf is a government account where u save ur money and ur company will pay in ur account.....

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