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1. 教育是國家最重要的投資,電腦教學幫助提升學生學習的興趣。。2.充實校內電腦設備,幫助老師與學生網路資料的取得,培養學生快樂學習及興趣,進而增強學生獲得知識的能力。

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    1. 教育是國家最重要的投資,電腦教學幫助提升學生學習的興趣。

    Education has been the most significant investment for a country.The use of computer-aided teaching methodology helps spark students’ interest in learning.

    2. 充實校內電腦設備,幫助老師與學生網路資料的取得,培養學生快樂學習及興趣,進而增強學生獲得知識的能力。

    To upgrade the existing computer equipment and facilities at school, to expedite the students’ and teachers’ access to handy information online, and to enhance students’ initiatives and interest in learning, are the best approaches to facilitate young learners’ abilities to acquire knowledge.

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