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[英文] 向女性外國友人說我要當兵 (22點)




"mandatory military service" (強制性兵役)


『 漂亮女孩們,我要當兵了,因為目前台灣有規定成年男人,必須義務性的當兵,當兵的兵種是由抽籤決定,而我抽到的是陸軍。



這一年間各位多多保重,等我放假回來再一起聊天吧!:D 』





拜託了! 萬分感謝!!

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    Dear all my beautiful ladies:

    I'm going to be in the military, 'cause it's mandatory for all male adults in Taiwan. The type of service I'll be serving was decided by drawing ballots, which I was drawn to be in the land army.

    The mandatory service will take about a year. I'll be home for a few days once in awhile, but mostly I'll be training in the camp. I won't be able to communicate with y'all for awhile since I ain't got no internet in the camp.

    I'll be missing y'all throughout, wish me luck!

    We'll hangout again once I'm on break, take care!:D


    y'all = you all

    hangout 是聊天說話交際的意思

    ain't got no 其實是文法錯誤的說法(所以不要常用) 可是很多美國人喜歡這麼說 我就照寫啦! (活潑嘛~)

    當兵加油囉! good luck!:)

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    Pretty girls, I was going to the army, as the current Taiwan provided in adult men, must be compulsory military service, soldiers of units is determined by drawing of lots, and I can't afford to be army.The duration of military service for about a year, during which most of the time were practicing in the barracks, only a few days will be home, so can some time not often use the network, caring exchanges la ~This time I will miss you, bless me la!This year you take take care and holiday comes back with me to chat! :D

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