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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago

(急!!!) 有請英文翻譯高手,不要翻譯機的翻譯!




1 真不敢相信,爸媽就這樣就這樣離開(去世)我們了..


2 是啊...這不公平!


3 姐...我好想念他們...


4 來不及了...樹欲靜而風不止,子欲養而親不待。


5 我想我該振作了!我不應該一直墮落自己、活在過去。


6 嗯...妳說得對!


7 嗯,謝謝妳,姐。


8 還記得啊...那時候爸和媽都很傷心。


9 那時候我們都還小,所以不懂。


10 所以到底是甚麼事情想通了?


11 那時候爸媽都哭很慘,但是我們都沒哭,只是傻傻的看著,


12 我懂了。妳是說你現在了解那種心情了嗎?


13 嗯...至少爺爺還能看得到她的孫子和媳婦。

14 哈哈,對啊!



15 嗯,姐,我們以後要相互照顧,學會堅強獨立了,對吧?

16 這才像話,第一次看妳那麼懂事,如果能實踐就更好了!

17 什麼!?用得著妳說嗎?到時候搞不好我成績比妳好,


18 再說吧!我們該走了!


19 有時候,有些事情不要到了來不及才想通,


20 盡孝道要盡早,減肥和用功也要趁早,



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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I can't believe it, Dad and Mom left us just like that...

    Really hope all this is not real... unfair!

    why did god choose that particular plane to have the accident happened upon?

    Sis...I miss them so much..

    Only if I were more obedient and understanding...

    It's too late...The trees intend to stay clam but the wind won't stop blowing; When a child intends to show filial obedience, the parents were already gone. But this is not your fault, you know?

    I think I should get myself together! I shouldn't have given up and lived in the past. I want to loose weight and start studying hard.

    Um...You're right!

    If this is important to you, I'll support you also!

    Um, thanks sis.

    By the way, do you remember the time when grandpa passed away?

    Yeah I remember...Dad and Mom were really sad (depressed) at the time.

    Especially grandma..Why did you ask?

    We were both young, so we didn't understand.

    Now I finally understand!

    So what did you figure out?

    Would you tell me the point? So I know what's going on.

    Dad and Mom bawled their eyes out, but we didn't cry. We just watched blankly, didn't understand the frustration and pain of loosing a family member.

    I understand now. You mean you now know the feelings?

    Me too. But the situation is different.

    Um...At least grandpa could still see her grand-kids and daughter-in-law.

    Haha, yeah!

    But...I guess Dad and Mom weren't able to let us go the moment (whenever) they died.

    Sometimes bad things happen, but nothing was able to be done about it.

    Um. Sis, we'll take care of each other in the future, since we now have learned to be strong and independent. Right?

    That's what I'm talking about. First time seeing you so sensible (responsible負責任), only if this could be put into action!

    What!? Was that necessary? I might even do better than you then (My score might be even better than yours by the time), I could even be a model!

    We'll talk later! Got to go!

    We still have to catch a flight...

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    如果這是學校功課 下次請自己先試著寫一次 然後再讓我們網友批改


    別依靠網友 有些答案不一定是對的 (我的答案也搞不好友小毛病)


    You're welcome to massage me if you have any questions or suggestions.

    Source(s): 19 Sometimes, don't figure something out but was too late. Or else, you'll be too late to even regret it. 20Filial duties need to be done early, and so does losing weight and studying hard. Look! Take her as a good example to all of you. 21Bowing before leaving the stage (the end), thanks everyone!
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  • 8 years ago

    1 can't believe it, MOM and dad so that to leave (death) we ...Really hope this is not really ...2 yeah ... It's not fair!Why did God chosen to select the plane crash?

    3 sister ... I miss them ...If I can be more clever to learn before, then just fine ...4 too late ... The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside., not wait.But it's not your fault, you know?

    5 I think I should take heart! I shouldn't have been fallen themselves, living in the past.I would like to start, and then began to study hard.6 well ... You're right!If the matter is very important to you, I will support you!

    7 Ah, thank you, sister.By the way, do you remember when grandfather had died?8 remember, Ah ... Father and mother are very sad at that time.Especially Grandma ... What do you do this?

    9 we are still young, so I do not understand.Now I finally figured out!10 so what exactly is figured out?Do you tell a key, please? Let me make this clear.

    11 parents cry miserably at that time, but none of us had tears, blankly watched,Do not understand the frustration and pain of losing loved ones.12 I understand. Do you mean you now realize that the feeling?Me too. But the situation is not the same.

    13 well ... At least Grandpa could see her grandson and daughter-in-law.14 haha, yeah!But ... I think parents will die that moment is put down on us, ...Camp sometimes bad things happen to your body, but can do.

    15 Oh, sister, and we will take care of each other, learn to be strong independent, right?16 this is reasonable, for the first time see you so sensible, if we can practice it would be even better!

    17 what!? Need you say? Well I better score than you,Build can go really modelling!18 then we'll talk! It's time to go!We'll have to catch a flight ...

    19 times, only figured out some things not to be too late,Otherwise, you will be sorry.20 filial piety road as soon as possible, weight loss and hard as early as possible,Look! She is you learn from.

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