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Im looking for 3 other people to help me on Left 4 Dead Expert or Left 4 Dead 2 Expert Realism. Im not asking for all the campaigns done but at least one for one game or the other. I would like to get it done over the break on Wednesday, Friday through Sunday (11\23, 11\25-27). If your willing to help, send me a friend request and I'll find time.

Gamertag: UnseenSlik Vik

or give a guide with tips to beat it by myself

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    I completed expert realism on Dark Carnival, but I did it online.

    A few tips for realism:


    —You will need patience. When I did it, it took me 5 hours straight. I stayed resolute and never thought about quitting, no matter how many times I died.

    -Be good at the game.

    —I'm sure this should be obvious, but you really need to know what you're doing before you try this.

    *Note* You can't do this on The Passing or the Sacrifice, if you didn't already know. It doesn't count.

    Now for some in-game tips:


    —I'd often say that the Assault rifle is a good choice, because if you accidentally hit your AI teammates, they won't take that much damage. If you're confident with your accuracy, go for the shotgun, because zombies have more health now, and you'll need to kill them quick.

    -Secondary Weapons

    — To start, go with melee weapons, they are insta kills, and the pistol takes too many shots to kill just one zombie. If ever you find it, get the magnum. The magnum is a 1 hit kill, and you can use it from a respectable range. Get it wherever you can.

    -Pipe Bombs/Molotovs

    —Both Pipe Bombs and Molotovs are great in their own way. If you have a horde coming, they'll both do the same thing, and plus, molotovs are great for getting rid of tanks, but if you need to draw zombies away......

    Personally I'd take the pipe bomb wherever possible, but it's your choice.


    —I'm going to assume that you know the right times to use adrenaline or pills.

    -Other Tips

    — The bots are there to help you. You need to insure your survival, not theirs. If everyone dies, as long as you make it, that's all that matters.

    —You might want to think about trying this with some chums online, but if you want to do it offline, you'll get the added option to pause, and so, you can play indefinitely. Still, doing this with competent people is way easier than doing it with bots.

    —(For Dark Carnival) The toughest bit is probably the end of part 4, when the gates open. At that point, an infinite amount of zombies will spawn over and over again. That's the time for pipe bomb and adrenaline.

    These tips are intended for realism, but they basically apply for regular campaigns as well. Additionally, a good way to beat expert campaigns is with certain mutations. I did two of them alone with the "Gib Fest" mutation.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): L4D: All Expert Campaigns completed. (Just missing some DLC achievements) L4D2: All Achievements and Avatar Awards
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