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Should All Children be Required to Attend Public Schools?

In the 1920's Oregon adopted a statute that would have required all students to attend public schools. There would no exception for those enrolled in parochial schools or other private schools.

The United States Supreme Court declared the Oregon statute unconstitutional in the case of Pierce v. Society of Sisters, 268 U.S. 510 (1925). But the Supreme Court has changed its mind on a lot of things since 1925, so I am thinking a state should try again, and require all students to attend public schools.

I think universal compulsory public education would be highly beneficial to society, as it would force all parents to take an active interest in the public schools, and not allow them the ability to flee, as it were, to private schools, and leave the public schools to the poor.

It would also reduce the influence of religious cults, some of whom have been known to sexually molest children, and others who teach them weird religious doctrines and otherwise do not provide them with a sufficient world view.

What say you?

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    There is no "right and wrong" for everyone, only "what works and what doesn't" for each individual person. My oldest was in special education from Kindergarten to 5th grade, and was not improving. We went from Public to Private, Private to Traditional Charter, and finally to a Virtual School for the start of 6th. He went from being roughly 2.3 years behind and never making his standardized testing marks; to grade level in all but English, where he is in Honors. (10th grade now) The results were so outstanding that we now to a Virtual school with all of our children; and every one of them are thriving. (and very well socialized with a broader view of the world when compared to most of their peers.) Not all of us teach to the test.

    Stating that there is "one" right blanket way to learn for every child out there is absurd.

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    I am homeschooled and the environment is interactive and I deal with people all the time so there is a social aspect. I cant remember the other answerers name but its becoming more social. Teachers call my house and we talk about things if I am having problems and also help me find the solutions. Homeschool can be equally as effective as brick and mortar schools. SAT's, ACT's and in Ohio, OGT's are all taken in a public environment with a teacher in the room, just like a brick and mortar school and the location is always close. They also hold different events to go to like ice skating and picnics. I think it should be up to the person what they want. This is supposedly the land of the free, so let the people be free.

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    I agree due to personal experience.

    Back when I was in 4th grade, I was a straight A student, I transferred from a parochial school to the local public school, I almost failed. I didn't understand it at the time, but I wasn't behind because I was stupid, I was behind because the 5th grade at my old school was equal to the 3rd grade at the public school in Math and Science. Once I got caught up, I began to excel again, and continued to until college. I also noticed that when my former classmates started at the public high school straight out of 8th grade at the parochial school, they were all in the beginners math and science course while I was already levels ahead.

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    No they could be required by way of fact the popular public colleges are failing to maintain grading standards and budgets. it is the common reason the as quickly as rival college is consolidating with yet another. Plus the board of preparation human beings have not got any clue what is going on interior the colleges yet yet alter the colleges. i understand many schools that have did no longer save their funds. My college district has stored and we are at present had to take over yet another college by way of fact they became interior the pink. there is a few instructors that do exactly no longer care with regard to the youngsters as they as quickly as had. by way of fact that they are on revenue they could donate their time on weekends for Saturday artwork detention in the event that they actually cared and all colleges could have this mandated to grant bothered pupils to return on weekends as a fashion to grant extra help and preparation.

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    If you wouldn't want religious views pushed on you, why would you push secular views on them? What happened to all that freedom that has been fought for? Not all religious authorities molest children. Also, what would seperate the ivy league bound from the others? What would give them the prep they need?

    Source(s): PS I am not Christian, but Pagan.
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    Home school might make it easy, but never disable kids by making their lives easy, public schools increase thinking and social. While at home, they don't really learn much bout speaking correctly to others, or get out much in the world to learn things.

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