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Who do you guys rank as your top player for each position? (NFL)?

Who's Your #1 QB, RB, WR, TE, DE, DT, LB'S (Inside and Outside), CB, SS, FS.

My personal number 1's are:

QB: Aaron Rodgers RB: Arian Foster WR: Calvin Jonhson or Andre Jonhson (Both are amazing but Andre got hurt) TE: Tony Gonzales DE: Jared Allen DT: Ndamukong Suh

MLB: Brian Urlacher OLB: Clay Matthews CB: Darrell Revis

Safeties: Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed

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    Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton, stats wise, but Aaron is better. Arian Foster, and Lesean McCoy are big, Lesean because the Eagles passing game is pretty much out of the question now. WR, go Calvin Johnson, DeSean Jackson(even if he is injured) Jordy Nelson, and Greg Jennings. TE it's all about Rob Grownkowski, he is a Tom Brady favorite hitter. DE ya Jared Allen is fking there. DT: hell yes Suh, he is just a straight up Monster. Scary as hell. MLB, Urlacher is amazing. OLB: Idk, but Clay Matthews is pretty amazing. So good. CB man the best. Thats hard, probably Charles Woodson, Julias Peppers, or Champ Bailey. Safeties: Brian Dawkins, and Ed Reed.

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    QB: Drew Brees

    RB: Frank Gore

    WR: Santana Moss or Michael Crabtree

    TE: Tony Gonzales

    I havent really paid much attention to the rest of them

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    Agree with all except TE- Jimmy Graham and MLB- Patrick Willis

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