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Is the search engine mentioned in tonight's episode of "Dexter" real?

I think it was Eliot something or other. Is this a real search engine or is it made up, like Finder-Spyder?

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    The URL takes you to Masuka's Intern Program, a Dexter Facebook app, so it is an easter egg of sorts and not "real."

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      that Masuka's fb page is no more can some1 say why????

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    Season 4 episode 10 excerpt from the episode : Dexter is back at home, searching (on a phony search engine called “Netscope”) for more missing boys in the cities where Arthur has sinned.

    So it's probably defunct. :) Nerd as well PCS

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    6 years ago

    It is real, and it isn't... There is no, like that dude said, it takes you to a facebook link (Masuka's intern program)... However, there IS an Elliot search engine (with 2 "L"s) It is not the same one displayed in Dexter, but it is pretty bad-***... It is powered by Google though, which makes it ironically funny, since the reference to "Eliot" was mentioned in Dexter immediately,after his co-worker (Louis) was suggesting it as a better alternative than Google.

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    Eliot Search Engine

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    The reason none of you can find it under is because on the show it was Type that in and you get to a screen that allows you to use multiple different search engines, also blogs, torrents, videos, etc. There is also a link to download something called elliotsearchengine.exe, which I wouldn't recommend, because who knows what that might actually be.

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      I just watched that episode and they typed it in as .com not org.

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    It appears great minds think alike, I had my suspicions when it seemed the spelling didn't make sense, it looked as though the spelling was Eli ot sch.. anyway for now I guess we have as good as it gets. That geek seems like either a plant/ spy to catch Dexter.

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    6 years ago

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves, Eliot is a .org not a .com. It was plugged because SEOs (search engine optimizers). Yet that's what keeps putting a list of crap answers up years later. That's ironic.

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