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What do you think the main reason is that male tourists who travel solo to the Philippines is? Good or bad?

I'm not talking about Korean men who travel to the Philippines with their families to go to beaches. I am simply talking about non-Filipino men in general who travel alone to the Philippines. Do you think that their reasons include good or bad conduct?


Individuals who are not romantic tourists are also welcome to contribute their thoughts.

Update 2:

The cost of living is only cheaper if you live like a local. Most male tourist who travel to the Philippines (much more than 40% of them) do not live like a local and thus do not go there because the cost of living is cheaper. Law enforcement is attentive and very active in falsely accusing male tourists that travel solo of things that they did not do in order to extort large amounts of money out of them. Nice hypothesis though. Too bad it is wrong. Keep brainstorming.

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    Depends on their destination. A male tourist traveling alone to Angeles or Subic isn't going there to go

    Source(s): USN Retired, Married and living in the Philippines since 2002.
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    I was once on my own at Gaisano Mall in Opon Cebu and being on my own people tended to stare at me. I realise most western tourists who are married to Filipinas have lots of people with them as the family doesn't like the money tree to go alone. Anyway, a group of guys about 40 years of age asked me why I was in Cebu and was I enjoying the night life?

    When I explained I was there for the FUNERAL of a small child who had not survived a heart operation my Rotary Club had 100% fully funded and organised they all looked very silly. Expecting to be able to make fun of the foreign sex tourist they got a very big shock to find out I was really a nice guy trying to help seriously ill children. What a change in their manner !!! They became so friendly and invited me to their homes and were so different and all the sarcasm was gone.

    So--next time you see a single westerner, do not judge the book by the cover.

    Not all of us are scumbag sex tourists thank you.

    I can tell you this however, the treatment I FIRST got, before explaining the truth why I was there was so rude and incorrect it was just about enough to make me want to tell my Club, next time, we should go to Thailand or Vietnam as these Filipinos are so rude.

    Think about your attitude as one day you will criticise the wrong person and it will be your country losing out.

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    @STIFF BRAIN, that is the name I will call you from now on for obvious reason. Why call yourself stiff rod why you have a solid rock penis? Very unlikely. I do not even think it could last for 30 minutes.

    It is very unlikely that a solo or one foreigner will travel in the Philippines. Mostly foreigners with girl friend or with relatives or friends will go to the Philippines either for brief vacation or just passing through to their final destination either Thailand or Singapore. It is a lonely trip don't you think if a one foreigner will go to the Philippines. Do you think they will go alone just for the girls in the Philippines? Philippines girls are not that good looking in that perspective. He might end up with a gay instead, because now a days some gays are now good looking and some of them could pass as a girl unless one know the difference between a girl and a gay. And if a foreigner couldn't figure out or know the difference he might end up in bed with the same tool he got also,what are they going to do in bed? Fencing style?

    Just look at the statistic of every tourist coming to the Philippines, only 1% come alone in the Philippines as a tourist. Korean or Chinese tourist comes with big families. I think also Americans or other nationality from Europe. With wife, girl friend or kids. Why would a single foreigner go to the Philippines unless he is a drug smuggler or some gangster looking for an investment or money laundering he should come alone for obvious reason. But for fun? Do you think one guy would be happy about going outside of his country just to enjoy himself in a foreign land? Unless...unless of course he already went to the Philippines he can re-visit his old acquitances or friends that he come contact wth in his past journey to the Philippines but for a NEW guy who just went out of a plane alone and do not know the way to San Jose in the Philippines he might get sick and afraid don't you think? Never heard of the song of the three dog knight in the early 70's "one is the loneliest number that you ever do......" Anymore ideas about the Philippines? How about sex? You never mention sex anymore and the Philippines? how come? Tired of it because it is quite a long time since you been laid probably centuries ago.

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    Cost of living is cheaper in Asian countries an safe to considering law enforcers are attentive. Foreigners travel alone for the reason of budgeted expenses, can go anywhere as individualistic people like me without obstacle.

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    There is no good or bad for anyone wanting to go somewhere.

    The reasons I can think of for the solo male travelling to the Philippines are :

    Business and leisure.

    Looking/Meeting their soul mate (as rightly put forth by others on this post)

    Resettlement prospects



    Biology (which seems almost inevitable).

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    Yes their reasons include good or bad conduct.

    It depends on where they go once they come here.

    If they go to bars then it is for sex.

    If they go to tourist spots then it is to visit the country.

    But most single male men come to meet their chat mate & get married.

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    Asks he man who is a "top contributor" for the Phils and his screen name is Stiff Rod. A bit hypocritical I would think if judgement is being passed. Especially when you know the answer already.

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    you mean big bald white man with bad haircut walking down the streets of Malate, its good for the economy

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    Depends on your definition of good and bad behavior!

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    scuba diving

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