Need Help Making A Coupon Book For My Mom And Sister .?

For Christmas I'm Making My Mother & Older Sister Coupon Books , and i Need Some Ideas .

Information on my mom ; she's a stay at home mom .

sister ; she is 21 has 2 kids .

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ooo I would like to know too! This is a great idea for Christmas! I'm watching this question :)

    To answer a little bit. How about for your mom-

    ~ Free (no complain) foot/back/shoulder massage

    ~ Babysit your brother/sister (if you have any) while she spends the day shopping for HERSELF ( mom's hardly ever shop for themselves <3)

    ~ Clean and vacuum the house for her

    ~ Breakfast in bed

    ~ One hour of quiet time

    ~ Do Laundry

    ~ Helper for the day

    ~ Unlimited hugs

    ~ Unlimited kisses

    ~ Do all the laundry for a week

    ~ Movie night with just you and her

    That's all I can think of :)

    For your sister-

    ~ Babysit her kids for the day while she shops for HERSELF ( mom's hardly ever shop for themselves <3)

    ~ Breakfast in bed

    ~ Free manicure and pedicure

    ~ Unlimited hugs and kisses

    ~ A day of no complaints (by you)

    ~ Personal slave. (she can tell you to do ANYTHING)

    ~ Movie night with just you and her

    That's all I can think of :)

  • 9 years ago

    For mom:

    I am not sure how old you are or if you have brothers or sisters or pets still living at home but here are a few ideas: How about coupons for you to wash her car and/or wax it, for babysitting your brothers/sisters, cleaning out the refrigerator, breakfast in bed, cleaning the house, cleaning a bathroom, washing a dog (if you have one), an afternoon of shopping or games or something she likes to do w/ you (w/ no gameboy or interruptions or complaining by you!), home made brownies, or taking photos of everyone in the family and then you will make a photo album. If you are a good cook, how about one to make a gourmet (or edible) dinner for the family so she can have a night off while you set the table, clean up and wash the dishes while she relaxes with a book, magazine or favorite TV show.

    For your sister, babysitting coupons would be appreciated, as would a coupon for running errands (if you are old enough to drive), car wash, help cleaning the house, help picking up and organizing the kids rooms, taking her two kids to a park or movie so she can have the day off, watching her kids while she takes a bubble bath, help with laundry, taking photos of her kids and making them into cards or thank you notes she can send to people.

  • 9 years ago

    For either one:

    cook dinner for her and her family

    wash her car

    one baking project (cake, cookies, etc) of her choosing

    For mom:

    one day of absolutely no backtalk, sass, etc

    several "hug" coupons interspersed among the others

    do one of her chores for the day

    clean up or reorganize her crafts area or supplies

    For sister:


    go with her to take the kids to the park, etc

    take one child out for the morning or afternoon -- best to put in two of these so both kids get "auntie" time alone with you

  • 5 years ago

    Breakfast in bed. Mom loved those! And do chores around the house with out being told to for a certain amount of days, like a week or so.

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  • 4 years ago

    For your mom and your sister you could...

    - Wash her car

    - Breakfast in bed

    - Clean up around the house

    - Give her a massage

    - have a leave me alone day

    - No complaints day

  • 4 years ago


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  • 9 years ago


    breakfast in bed

    cream tea

    meal out



    spa day

    movie night

    home baked cookies


    baby sitting


    home baked brownies

    foot massage

    servant for the day

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