What are the main details of what automatically happens when the "supercommittee" deadline comes?

I know it involves military spending cuts and entitlement cuts. But does it say what specific military cuts and entitlement cuts? Or is it just vague and general? And what else besides those two?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The Sunlight Foundation sponsors several sites that are useful in monitoring Congress and what bills are pending. ReadTheBill.org is one such sight, and if you would like a look-see into lobbyist dollars for campaign donations, use opensecrets.org or littlesis.org. Politifact.com's website might also be informative on what is included in mandatory cuts if the so-called "Super Committee" of 12 remains deadlocked---the six Republicans do NOT want any sort of revenue generated (even though more than 100 billionaires and millionaires have now appeared in Congress to endorse the raising of taxes on millionaires and billionaires) and refuse to consider closing corporate loopholes, while the Democrats on the committee are against placing all the burdens for deficit reduction (a deficit MUSHROOMED under the GOP totalitarian years in part because of corporate tax cuts and corporate loopholes) on the least affluent (the middle-class, low-income Americans, or our nation's seniors and disabled).

    President Obama's American JOBS Act proposes only a one-half of one-percent increase in the SECOND MILLION earned, which if passed would fully pay for the jobs-creating measures, but even this the ornery and fiscally-irresponsible right-wingers balk and block! One Democrat in the House has come forward with an idea that might convince Super Committee Republicans to allow the ill-conceived and budget-busting Bush tax cuts expire a few weeks earlier than the end of 2011, when the rates would return to the Clinton presidency's prosperity-providing 39.6%, while still keeping the idiotic "oath" of "no tax increases ever" they were bullied into signing by the nobody nutjob Grover Norquist (backed by the psycho-pseudo-CULT of The Family/Heritage Foundation/YWAM that controls every move the GOP makes): Set the expiration rate at a REDUCED 39.4% (tax cut from the inevitable 39.6%!...). This expiration will raise more than $800 BILLION in revenues! The other FIX IT option for the American people: VOTE OUT THE RIGHT-WINGERS in 2012!

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