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Will the Denver Broncos Win the AFC West?

Tied for 1st place this season.

If Raiders lose to the vikings this week(unlikely) broncos will over take the west(Afc)

Chargers will lose to bears

Chiefs will lose to the Patriots..

Tebow is 4-1 as a starter this season can he keep it going ?

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    Looking at the remaining schedules and the way things are shaking up, I can see the Broncos rolling to at worst a 10-6 record. If they play well defensively against the Patriots I can see them going 11-5 if they really play well and take care of business. It will not be easy but it looks like a betting situation here!

    Looking at the Raiders schedule, it will most likely be a split 3-3 to finish at 9-7. They have a hard road ahead playing 3 really good teams down the stretch.


    Source(s): is where I looked up the records and schedules to come to my conclusions.
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    i actually hope they do becasue tebows a good kid, but i have a feeling a carson palmer and mcfadden team will win more

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