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Exterminator spraying for roaches around cat/dogs/other animals?

So I've had to move back in with my parents and I realized my parents house is totally infested with roaches. It's pretty nasty. I want to pay to have an exterminator come out and spray but the problem is my parents have a bunch of cats and a dog and I have it safe to have them spray with all those fuzzies around? I've tried getting rid of them using more "natural" methods but the infestation is pretty established (it's been going on for over a year and a half according to my parents) so I think we need something more extreme. Thanks for any advice.

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    there are products around to help control roaches.. and some alternative methods you might try rather than spraying. if you spend some time on line you might find other ways to eliminate them from the home.

    I have had some success with a paste like product in a tube that you squeeze in tiny amounts in locations away from pet ares (like behind counters, under appliances etc) you can find this in large works!!!!! (combat max)

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    Try using some roach traps until the exterminator can come back out. Why can't the exterminator come back? Is it because he is only permitted to treat a habitat every so often or is it because he is busy. If he is busy, find another exterminator to come out.

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    Tell the exterminator about all your fur kids. He will have instructions about how to keep them safe. Just make sure you follow them.

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    Just get a professional here.

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