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Skype keeps crashing?

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Restarted my laptop. updated everything.. Yeh NOT WORKING. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on what it could be?

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    mine kept crashing too...since yesterday then it worked a bit ok since i got the chance to call to the Philippines for an hour ...I thought its OK I woke up and its the same again...makes me think its the system not me.

    Skype might me under some viral attack since they keep sponsor programs pop ups in.

    I cleaned my PC but theres nothing wrong

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    I tried to video chat like 5 times and it wouldn't work. So i uninstalled it and then installed it again and still didnt work! then i tried facebook vid chat (which is a service skype provides) and it didn't work either, IM GOING INSANE

    Its probably like too much traffic or something

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    9 years ago

    maybe its just u o_O

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