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What exactly is Vocaloid?

Ok, I know it's a voice synthesizer with anime mascots, but is it a program that alters a real persons voice or is it a program with voices made using only a computer?

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    The Vocaloid voice-banks consist of pre-recorded samples taken from singers and voice actors/actresses. For instance, Kagamine Rin's and Len's voices are both sampled from voice actress Asami Shimoda, who voice-acted a particularly cutesy/girly voice for Rin and a boyish voice for Len. People who use the Vocaloid software input lyrics and edit the notes and pitch, and then the software uses complex algorithms to string these prerecorded samples back together, into the proper order of the lyrics set by the user.

    (Also not all Vocaloids have anime mascots, that's mainly the Japanese ones. There are Vocaloids that sing in other languages such as English and Spanish that lack anime-styled mascots.)

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    Most of the others' have given decent enough answers who have replied here. However, they failed to give sources, so I'm here to supply the sources they didn't put with their answers. -_-

    All you really need to know is that its a synethiser which is based on the vocals of a pre-record singer and can be used to generate lyrics for music.

    There are some other fluffy essentals to know too.

    There are currently 3 langauges released (English, Japanese andKorean), two more on the way (Spanish and Chinese). English Vocaloids were released first in 2004 (Leon, Lola and Miriam), followed by Japanese Vocaloids (Meiko) a few months later. The engine that powers the vocals is on its third generation (Vocaloid 3).

    Don't make mistakes like saying "Hatsune Miku is the first" or "the first Vocaloid 2 voicebank" and you'll be fine, most of the "fans" are here for the music not the music making process anyway.

    Anything else outside of songs, most people won't expect you to know.

    Source(s): Most of the really advance stuff is on the Vocaloid wikia including Phonetics (those things that sound out words) and details of the Vocaloids. The Vocaloid wikipedia page is more of an introduction guide.
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    Real persons voice.

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    Please read this. When you do you will understand life. c:

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