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Internet Censorship and Pirating (discussion)?

Why is is it that sites that steal (And are made for pirating (Stealing)) and give links to stolen Products complaining about they might get shut down? Not because they want freedom, but because they cant make there money from adds and redirecting links.

They should already be shutdown, Piratebay and other torrents sites should be destroyed and the people that run them put in prison.

There is NO reason to steal or use illegal Torrents for games or movies.

People that create torrent sites are no better then rapists, they rape every ones hard work so they can make a little profit and inflate there egos.

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    Call it what you want but when it comes to **** like boxing, and ufc pay per views Im not spending $60 every single weekend to watch a big fight. These big *** companies rape US as it is, and if they shut down piratebay and all the other pirating sites theres only going to be more to replace them. Its like the police getting a crack dealer, theres always gonna be another one to take his place because theres profits to be made. These sites that stream **** like the ufc and all other pay paer views make money from all the ads just like the crack dealer does from his crack. Where theres money theres always going to be people trying to get it.

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    Are You trolling or just the biggest retard I've seen in a while? Rapists and pirates on the same level? And yes, there IS a reason. If the majority of the profit went to the artist/actor/etc., some pirates wouldn't mind buying. But that is not the case. The majority of the money goes to the greedy scumbag fat cats that deserve nothing. You might be more careful about how You throw the word rape around, especially talking in the Law & ETHICS section. You may also learn how to spell instead of making yourself look stupid.

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