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sweet asked in Social ScienceSociology · 9 years ago

What is your opinion re: Robert Wagner? That he MAY have had something to do?

with his wife Natalie Wood after 30 years??? I mean people are coming forward AFTER 30 years???

All opinions welcome. (My opinion is this is very hurtful and painful to dredge up something so sad from the past. Much less talk about it to him. He has suffered enough).

I also feel these people are trying to profit off of him...When you are a STAR you know how false rumors, slander and everything else gets thrown at you. I do not know how they can let it go? But they have to, to be able to move on.


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  • Jane
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    9 years ago
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    I don't think her sister is trying to profit. I think Lana Wood is just trying to find out the truth. To this day, she say's she feels that there was no foul play but that the truth wasn't told. Both the captain and Mr. Wagner wrote books and talked about this in their books. Apparently after 30 years the police have new information. I think Mr. Wagner should have looked for his wife and not waited 4 hours to call the Coast Guard. There should have been a more concerted effort to locate Ms. Wood considering her fear of water. There was an argument, jealousy, drinking and four people participated and one died. To move on the truth must be told, in this case, Mr.Wagner chose to move on without disclosing the truth 30 years ago.

    Take care.

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